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Net Slang pt.1 Posted by on Oct 27, 2009 in Culture, Vocabulary

Hello to all my reader 盆友 (friends)!  哇吓咪 (why) am I talking like this? 94俺 (it’s just that I) want to teach you some net slang. Don’t (feel faint) and don’t break a (sweat).  By the end of this, you’ll saying, “at first he 745 了(really had me mad), but he’s no 愤青 (angry youth)!  He was just trying to (bump) his post because he wasn’t the 楼主 (thread starter).”

盆友 pen2you3 – friends (another form of 朋友 peng2you3)
哇吓咪 wa1xia4mi2 – why? (form of 为什么  wei4shen2me?)
94 jiu3si4 – I know, right? (form of 就是! jiu4shi4- emphatically pointing something out)
俺 an1 – I (used instead of 我 wo3)
745 qi1si4wu3 – makes me so angry! (气死我 qi4si3(2)wo3)
晕 yun1 – to feel faint (can be used like “are you serious? oh my goodness!” in reaction to surprising news.  晕倒 yun1dao3 (faint) is used for higher degree expression.
汗 han4 sweat (used to indicate that someone is nervous about something)
愤青 fen4qing1 – angry youth (a common term online referring to angry teenagers, used more often in reference to young netizens)
顶 ding3 – bump (this is similar to the “like” button on some webpages which can affect the page’s ranking)
楼主 lou2zhu3 -thread starter

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