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Online Purchases Posted by on Nov 5, 2009 in Business, Vocabulary

Hello readers!

The other day I was trying to set up a purchase on 支付宝 (Alipay), an online payment site.  When I tried to 充值 (add funds), I found that there was a security certificate problem with my 银盾 (internet banking USB key).  Even through I had prepared my 交易密码 (trading password) for the bank and my  支付密码 (payment password) for Alipay, I still couldn’t successfully 汇款 (wire money).  After removing my browser security settings and making Internet Explorer (not my choice- only IE is supported for Alipay and internet banking in China) about as safe as an oven made of kindling, I was finally able to 扣钱 (deduct money) from my bank account.  After that, my focus shifted to securing a 优惠 (discount).  It wouldn’t be a purchase in China if I couldn’t 降价 (lower the price).  Well, 加油吧. (come on!)

支付宝 zhi1fu4bao3 – Alipay, a popular Chinese payment platform
充值 chong1zhi2 – add funds
银盾 yin2dun4 – USB key for online banking
交易密码  jiao1yi4mi4ma3 – Trading password
支付密码 zhi1fu4mi4ma3 – payment password
汇款 hui4kuan3 – wire money
扣钱 kou4qian2 – deduct money
优惠 you1hui4 – discount
降价 jiang4jia4 – lower the price
加油吧 jia1you2ba – well, come on, let’s see (said to encourage oneself)

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