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Photo Gallery: Beijing Zoo (北京动物园画廊) Posted by on May 22, 2011 in Leisure, sightseeing, travel

The  following images are taken from the Beijing Zoo or 北京动物园 (Běi jīng Dòng yuán).

Video Slideshow:

Thumbnail Gallery:





All photographs are courtesy of Stephen M. Fiedler, twitter: @seeitbelieveit

Please contact for any use of these images.


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About the Author: Stephen

Writer and blogger for all things China related. Follow me on twitter: @seeitbelieveit -- My Background: Fluent Mandarin speaker with 3+ years working, living, studying and teaching throughout the mainland. Student of Kung Fu and avid photographer and documentarian.


  1. Gineen:

    hi steve

    i am heartbroken over witnessing these creatures, magnificent beings imprisoned. i understand they may even be safer than in the wild and live longer but it just breaks my heart…if only there were another way

    • Steve:

      @Gineen Yeah, I agree. The large cats exhibit is especially heartbreaking. It’s just a bunch of large cats crammed into 10 by 10 prison cages. What’s worse is that many Chinese visitors harass and throw things at the animals.

      I guess I take solace in the fact that those people are always the first ones to get attacked when a large animal escapes the confines of its enclosure.


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