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Chinese Valentine’s Day/Night of Sevens Festival (七夕节) Posted by on Sep 18, 2010 in Culture, Uncategorized

On the 7th day of the 7th lunar month, China celebrates 七夕节. These days, it is celebrated as a Chinese Valentine’s Day, with flowers, chocolates, and all. However, the history of the holiday is much more than a simple box of chocolates. Learn about the old story and some of the modern day customs in this short video.

jīn tiān shì qī xì
Today is Qi Xi.

Zhōng guó qíng rén jié
China Valentine’s Day

Qī xì jié
The Night of Sevens Festival

niú láng
Cow Herder

zhī nǚ
Weaver Maiden

yín hé
Milky Way

què qiáo
Magpie bridge

一般 他们在银河两边
yì bān tāmen zài yínhé liǎng biān
Usually, they are on opposite sides of the Milky Way.

měi nián tā men kě yǐ zài què qiáo shàng jiàn miàn
Every year, they can meet on the Magpie Bridge.

fàng huā dēng
send out a festive lantern

Wèi le ài xǔ yuàn
Wish for love

Wèi le zhàng fū xǔ yuàn
Wish for a husband

Wèi le hái zi xǔ yuàn
Wish for a child

xìng yùn
good luck/fortune

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