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Recent History in Vietnam Posted by on Jan 20, 2010 in Vocabulary

Since being in Vietnam, I have learned a lot about the history about the 越南战争 (Vietnam War) from visiting the 非军事区 (De-militarized zone) accompanied by a former combat 翻译 (interpreter) from the time.  When we went to the former border between north and south, he pointed out that the 共产党 (Communist Party) had a 旗杆 (flagpole) as well as a 纪念日 (remembrance day) for the fallen north soldiers, but not those of the south.  The only time we were able to see the flag of the southern Vietnamese army was when we looked at a small picture visible in the 博物馆 (museum).  Many people who took up arms from the south are still on a 黑名单 (blacklist) and neither they nor their children can work for the government.  To learn more about the north, I went with my friend to visit some 隧道 (tunnels) dug by the northern army.  These tunnels were close to the sea, but surprisingly they were able to dig a 水井 (well) holding only fresh water.

越南战争 yue4nan2zhan4zheng1 – Vietnam War
非军事区 fei1jun1shi4qu1 – De-Militarized Zone
翻译 fan1yi4 – interpreter
共产党 gong4chan(2)3dang3 – Communist Party
旗杆 qi2gan1 – flagpole
纪念日ji4nian4ri4 – remembrance day
博物馆 bo2wo4guan3 – museum
黑名单 hei1ming2dan1 – blacklist
隧道 sui4dao4 – tunnel
水井shui3(2)jing3 – well

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  1. Peter Simon:

    I’d love to know whether you’ve found out anything about a more recent war there, in the very far North … they’ve had a much tougher history than most people remember

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