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Sanlitun (三里屯) Posted by on Jun 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Perhaps the most popular spot for entertainment in all of Beijing, the Sanlitun area is a great place to go for summer fun. By day, you can stroll around The Village shopping center, where you’ll find plenty of stores and restaurants. In the evening, relax with a foot massage and a pedicure before hitting Happy Hour somewhere. Once the sun goes down, this place is party central, with tons of bars and clubs, in addition to a variety of street food and drinks.

在北京,三里屯是一个很好玩的地方 – Zài běi jīng, sān lǐ tún shì yī gè hěn hǎo wán de dì fāng.
In Bejing, Sanlitun is a very fun place.

孩子们很喜欢这里的喷泉. – hái zi men hěn xǐ huan zhè lǐ de pēn quán
Children really like the fountain here.

白天的时候,人们到这里来购物. – bái tiān de shí hou, rén men dào zhè lǐ lái gòu wù.
During the daytime, people come here to shop.

餐厅 – cān tīng

酒吧 – jiǔ bā

比如咖啡馆,泰国菜,湖南菜,和西餐 – bǐ rú kā fēi guǎn, tài guó cài, hú nán cài, hé xī cān.
For example, coffee shops, Thai food, Hu Nan food, and Western food.

天井 – tiān jǐng

雅秀服装市场 – Yǎ xiù fú zhuāng shì chǎng
Yashow Clothing Market

讲价 – jiǎng jià

美甲沙龙 – měi jiǎ shā lóng
nail salon

性用品商店 – xìng yòng pǐn shāng diàn
sex shop

纹身店 – wén shēn diàn
tattoo parlor

夜猫子 – yè māo zi
night owl

串 - chuàn

麻辣烫 – má là tàng
hot and spicy soup

rè gǒu, bào mǐ huā hé pí jiǔ
hot dogs, popcorn, and beer

柠檬水 – níng méng shuǐ

烟 – yān

大打火机 – dà dǎ huǒ jī
big lighter

kàn zú qiú bǐ sài
watch a football match

开始打架 – kāi shǐ dǎ jià
start a fight

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  1. Steven C. Poling Jr.:

    Lemonade is more properly 柠檬汁。

    Soup is 汤 tang1;not 烫 tang4。

  2. sasha:

    I appreciate the constructive criticism, but in this case you are wrong. “Soup” by itself is 汤, but for this particular dish, it is “麻辣烫”, which is best translated as “hot and spicy soup.” Maybe you should live in China before you correct the guy who lives here 🙂

  3. Steven C. Poling Jr.:

    Ah! You’re right. I was unaware of this type of soup. The English threw me off.

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