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For the past three years, Beijing has taken part in the worldwide Santa Con celebration around Christmas time. A huge group of Santas join together to sing Christmas carols and spread holiday cheer around the city. This year, we started the party in Wu Dao Kou (五道口), then rode the subway to Tiananmen Square (天安门光程), where the authorities were not in the Christmas spirit. After that, we took the bus north to the Drum (鼓楼) and Bell (钟楼) towers. Next up was a march through Hou Hai (后海) to the bar street of Nan Luo Gu Xiang (南椤故巷). Finally, we hit the bars of San Li Tun (三里屯).

每个人都穿着圣诞老人的衣服 – měi gè rén dōu chuān zhe shèng dàn lǎo rén de yī fú
Every person is wearing Santa Claus outfits.

瑞典语 – ruì diǎn yǔ

威尔士语 – wēi ěr shì yǔ

塞尔维亚语 – sài ěr wéi yǎ yǔ

西班牙语 – xī bān yá yǔ

圣诞节快乐 – shèng dàn jié kuài lè
Merry Christmas

加油 – jiā yóu
add oil (go!)

地铁 – dì tiě

唱圣诞歌 – chàng shèng dàn gē
sing Christmas songs

下吧 – xià ba
let’s get off

圣诞老人喜欢吃比萨 – shèng dàn lǎo rén xǐ huan chī bǐ sà
Santa likes to eat pizza.

警察给我们麻烦 – jǐng chá gěi wǒ men má fan
police give us trouble

完了,没有圣诞老人 – wán le, méi yǒu shèng dàn lǎo rén
Finished… no more Santa Clauses.

香槟酒 – xiāng bīn jiǔ

鼓楼 – gǔ lóu
Drum Tower

钟楼 – zhōng lóu
Bell Tower

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