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Shi Du (十渡) Posted by on Oct 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

When you live in a massive, crowded city like Beijing, you just have to get out of the hustle and bustle every once in a while. Thankfully, doing so is easy and convenient, thanks to the excellent public transportation system. Hopping on bus #917 for 2 hours will bring you 100 km southwest of Beijing to a beautiful scenic area called Shi Du, or the Ten Ferry Crossings. Now a popular tourist destination, Shi Du boasts fantastic karst rock formations, along with 10 scenic spots along the Juma River. Here you can enjoy a variety of activities, such as: hiking, boating, rafting, and even bungee jumping. With plenty to see and do, and hotel rooms available for about 80 RMB/night ($12), Shi Du is a perfect weekend getaway. Here is a short video highlighting a trip we took out to Shi Du back in August. Due to some technical difficulties, I was not able to record a voice over for this video. However, I still included some vocabulary in the subtitles. Enjoy!

威士忌酒 – wēi shì jì jiǔ

十渡 – Shí dù
Ten Ferry Crossings

桂林 – Guìlín

佛 – fó

蝠山 – Fú shān
Bat Mountain

金鸡 – jīn jī
Golden Pheasant

霸王龙 – bà wáng lóng

划船  – huá chuán

竹排 – zhú pái
bamboo raft

瀑布 – pù bù

彩虹 – cǎi hóng

蹦极 – bèng jí
bungee jumping

大瓶啤酒 – dà píng pí jiǔ
a big bottle of beer

羊肉串 – yáng ròu chuàn
lamb kebab

迈克尔杰克逊 – Mài kè ěr jié kè xùn
Michael Jackson

干杯! – gān bēi

堵车 – dǔ chē
traffic jam

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