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Shipping Woes Posted by on Dec 23, 2009 in Vocabulary

When ordering 包裹 (packages) purchased online, there is almost always a way to get a 单号 (tracking number) which you can 查询 (look up) online to track the progress of your package.  However, you may sometimes encounter some 差异 (discrepancies/differences) between the information on record and the real-time data.  Worst of all, some large companies with advanced tracking technology cannot deliver to small towns, because they are not in that company’s 服务范围 (service range).  Once when I ordered weights to my apartment, I suspected that the doorperson 拿不起 ([would] be unable to lift) the weight, and sure enough she 拿不动 (couldn’t move it at all).  Although I normally have people 代收 (receive [packages] on my behalf), this time the people 肯定 (most certainly) had trouble receiving the weights and the deliveryman could only 忍受 (endure) while the front desk called me to confirm receipt.

包裹 bao1guo3 – package/parcel
单号 dan1hao4 – tracking number
查询 cha2xun2 – to look up something
差异 cha1yi4 – differences
服务范围 fu2wu4fan4wei2 – service range
拿不起 na2bu4qi3 – to be unable to lift something (said when you imply that someone does not have the means to be able to lift something- i.e. innate strength)
拿不动 na2bu2(4)dong4 – to be unable to lift something (in this case, it refers to someone’s action on the object and still being unable to do it)
代收 dai4shou1 – to receive something on behalf of someone else
肯定 ken3ding4 – definitely
忍受 ren3shou4 – enduring

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