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Yunnan (云南) Part Four – Kunming (昆明) Posted by on Feb 16, 2012

After a few days of fun in Dali, we headed back to Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province. While this city is developing quickly along with the rest of China, it’s still quite easy to get lost in the countryside. We hiked up the Long Insect Mountain and spent the day roaming around cabbage patches…

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Useful Travel Phrases Posted by on Aug 11, 2011

Having just returned to Beijing after a month and a half back in the States, with a friend who is here in China for his first time and speaks no Chinese, I figured a post with some useful travel phrases would be a good idea. If you are a total China n00b like my friend…

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Summer in Beijing is Too Much Fun (北京的夏天是太有意思了) Posted by on Aug 31, 2010

With the summer winding down, I felt the urge to share some more of the many great summer activities available in and around Beijing for my last post of August.  For this video, follow me through some of Beijing’s local parks, a water park, and head out to the Yellow Sea to enjoy the warm…

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