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Yunnan (云南) Part Four – Kunming (昆明) Posted by on Feb 16, 2012 in Culture

After a few days of fun in Dali, we headed back to Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province. While this city is developing quickly along with the rest of China, it’s still quite easy to get lost in the countryside. We hiked up the Long Insect Mountain and spent the day roaming around cabbage patches and local villages. By night, we enjoyed some fantastic Dai minority food, and then hit the clubs of Kunming for some fun.

昆明 – kūn míng

春城 – chūn chéng
Spring City

不太好 – bú tài hǎo
not very good

公墓 – gōng mù

白菜 – bái cài

微笑 – wéi xiào

小村 – xiǎo cūn
small village

远足以后我们有点累 – yuǎn zú yǐ hòu wǒ men yǒu diǎn lèi
After hiking, we were a little tired.

傣族 – dǎi zú
Dai ethnic minority

小米辣 – xiǎo mǐ là
pickled pepper

西双版纳 – xi shuāng bǎn nà

特辣炒米线 - tè là chǎo mǐ xiàn
spicy fried rice noodles

太辣了,是吗? – tài là le, shì ma?
It’s too spicy, isn’t it?

是啊 – shì a
Yeah it is.

这个孩子很可爱 – zhè ge hái zi hěn kě’ài
This kid is very cute.

我们喝啤酒跳舞 – wǒ men hē pí jiǔ tiào wǔ
We drank beer and danced.

翠湖公园 – cuì hú gōng yuán
Green Lake Park

音乐家 – yīn yuè jiā

宿醉 – sù zuì

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