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A Guide to Buying Clothes in Chinese Posted by on Aug 8, 2017

Shopping for anything can be difficult in a foreign language. This is especially true when visiting giant clothing markets in China. Everyone is competing for your attention (and your RMB), you have to bargain hard, and you’d better do so in Chinese! Once you get your language skills up to a decent enough level, shopping…

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Going Undercover in Chinese Markets Posted by on Mar 14, 2014

We’ve been talking a lot about clothes shopping here recently, so I decided to go undercover in a few of Beijing’s busiest clothing markets to show you all what it’s really like clothes shopping in China. Take a peak at two local markets – one geared towards students and another for foreign tourists. Also, learn…

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At the Market – Clothing Posted by on Mar 3, 2014

Perhaps one of the most overwhelming experiences when in another country and using another language is shopping. There are so many words to remember, and so many people around trying to get you to come into their shop. For the last few months, we’ve been teaching a lot of useful vocabulary for hitting the markets…

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