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Going Undercover in Chinese Markets Posted by on Mar 14, 2014 in Culture, Vocabulary

We’ve been talking a lot about clothes shopping here recently, so I decided to go undercover in a few of Beijing’s busiest clothing markets to show you all what it’s really like clothes shopping in China. Take a peak at two local markets – one geared towards students and another for foreign tourists. Also, learn some Chinese while you’re at it!

衣服市场 – yī fú shì chǎng
clothing market

zài zhè lǐ, shén me yī fú dōu kě yǐ mǎi
Here, you can buy any kind of clothing.

运动衣服 – yùn dòng yī fú
sports clothes

帽子 – mào zi

首饰 – shǒu shì

玩具 – wán jù

鞋子 – xié zi

假发 – jiǎ fǎ

海绵宝宝 – hǎi mián bǎo bǎo
Spongebob Squarepants

雅秀 – yǎ xiù

中国传统的衣服 – zhōng guó chuán tǒng de yī fú
Chinese traditional clothing

衬衣 – chèn yī
dress shirts

T恤 – T xù

墨镜 – mò jìng

手表 – shǒu biǎo

电子产品 – diàn zǐ chǎn pǐn

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