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China is famous for many things – the Great Wall, giant pandas, kung fu, and of course, the food. Chinese cuisine is popular all around the world, and for good reason. The Chinese take great pride in their food, and they love it when foreigners rave about how delicious it is. Throughout the years here on the Chinese language and culture blog, food has been a hot topic. After all, for those learning Chinese and hoping to travel in the country, one of the main concerns is being able to read menus and order food. Here are some of our finer posts and videos about all things Chinese food in one easy to navigate post:

Start off with this video, a part of the “Rediscovering China” series focused on Chinese cuisine.

In a Chinese Restaurant

A scene from a typical restaurant in China.

A scene from a typical restaurant in China.

This post is a great place to start for learning useful restaurant related language. After studying this one thoroughly, you should be able to get a table and order with confidence.

20 Common Chinese Dishes

There are a lot of dishes in China that show up on menus all over the country. This post teaches you the names of 20 such dishes, with Chinese characters, pinyin, English, and pictures.

Learn how to make Kung Pao Chicken and improve your Chinese at the same time!

Real Chinese Food

Chinese food is definitely not General Tso’s chicken, egg rolls, and fortune cookies. Learn more about some famous dishes and what real Chinese food is.

Real Chinese food vs. Americanized Chinese food

Northern Chinese Cuisine

Did you know that China actually has Eight Great Culinary traditions? These can be further broken down into the four main regions, and we discuss what northern cuisine is like here.

Western Chinese Cuisine

Mapo tofu - a classic Sichuanese dish.

Mapo tofu – a classic Sichuanese dish.

Food in western China is known for its liberal use of mouth-numbing peppercorns. Read this post to get the dirt on Sichuan food (not Szechuan).

An intro to Sichuan cuisine.

Southern Chinese Cuisine

A dim sum lunch in Hong Kong - not to be missed.

A dim sum lunch in Hong Kong – not to be missed.

Perhaps the most famous kind of Chinese food around the world is Cantonese food, which we talk about in this post along with the rest of southern China.

Eastern Chinese Cuisine

Round out our trip around China and its many different cuisines by visiting the east.

Get introduced to Lu (Shandong) cuisine in this short vidoe.

Street Food

Gotta love street eats!

Gotta love street eats!

Going to a restaurant is great and all, but to really get into Chinese food you’re going to have to hit the streets. Take a photo tour of some awesome street eats around the country.

Beijing Roast Duck

The imperial bird - Beijing roast duck.

The imperial bird – Beijing roast duck.

You can’t eat street food all the time, and once in a while you’ve got to treat yourself to a nice meal. Cue Beijing roast duck, a meal so good it’s fit for an emperor!

Check out this video I made a while back in one of Beijing’s best roast duck restaurants.

Chinglish Menu Part I

Who wants some "Hunan taste hair belly meat"? I know I do!

Who wants some “Hunan taste hair belly meat”? I know I do!

Many restaurants in China want to have English names on their menu, but online translators tend to come up with some pretty hilarious names. See for yourself.

Chinglish Menu Part II

I had so many great Chinglish menu pictures that I just had to go ahead and make another post!


After reading all of those posts, seeing all those mouth-watering pictures, and watching those videos, I’m sure you all want to run to the nearest Chinese restaurant right now. Remember, one of the best ways you can practice your language skills is by going to a restaurant. I’m not talking about simply reading the menu and ordering, but also striking up conversations with fellow diners, or even with the waiters themselves. I can’t tell you how many free Chinese lessons I’ve gotten just by giving a simple 你好 (hello) or 干杯 (cheers) to some other people in the restaurant. Chinese people are always excited to see foreigners enjoying their cuisine, and are even more excited when you try to speak their language.


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