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Chinglish Menu Part II Posted by on Sep 4, 2013 in Culture

Sometimes when you go out to eat in a Chinese restaurant (饭店 – fàn diàn) in China, you will find some hilarious attempts at English names for the various dishes. As Chinese people have a tendency to give very clever and odd names to certain dishes, oftentimes these English translations result in a thing we like to call Chinglish (中式英语 – zhōng shì yīng yǔ). Basically, Chinese + English = Chinglish. Last year, I stumbled upon one restaurant in particular that was chock full of incredibly funny Chinglish names. In case you missed that one, you can find it here. It took a while, but I managed to find a restaurant in my neighborhood that may just top that one in terms of how much their menu (菜单 – cài dān) makes you laugh. So sit back, relax, and get ready to laugh as you browse through these pictures.

CIMG6010 CIMG6009 CIMG6008 CIMG6011 CIMG6001 CIMG6002 CIMG6005 CIMG6004 CIMG6003 CIMG6006 CIMG6007 CIMG5995 CIMG5998 CIMG5997 CIMG5996 CIMG5999 CIMG6000

So… which of these hilariously named dishes would you like to try? Actually, I can highly recommend the last one. It most definitely isn’t baby food, but it sure is good! Although Beijing is trying really hard to eradicate Chinglish from menus across the city, we can be thankful knowing that they are nowhere near accomplishing this goal. Let’s hope silly Chinglish items keep appearing on Chinese menus for many years to come.

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