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A Common Chinese Menu Posted by on Nov 30, 2015

When I first got to China with zero Chinese abilities to speak of, I quickly realized that it was going to be difficult to eat. In most restaurants, the menu lacks pictures or English translations. Plus, oftentimes when there is some English on the menu, it is totally incomprehensible. What exactly are you going to…

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20 Common Chinese Dishes Posted by on Oct 9, 2013

If you’ve ever been in a real Chinese restaurant before (by that I mean one that’s actually in China), I’m sure you know that awkward feeling of not being able to understand anything on the menu. While plenty of restaurants in China fix their menus up with pictures and others translate the names of dishes…

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Chinglish Menu Part II Posted by on Sep 4, 2013

Sometimes when you go out to eat in a Chinese restaurant (饭店 – fàn diàn) in China, you will find some hilarious attempts at English names for the various dishes. As Chinese people have a tendency to give very clever and odd names to certain dishes, oftentimes these English translations result in a thing we…

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