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Buying Groceries in Chinese Posted by on Mar 7, 2017

Buying Groceries in Chinese

Doing your grocery shopping in Chinese is a great and practical way to put your skills to use. First of all, you can make your grocery list in Chinese. Check that post for some vocabulary charts on vegetables, fruit, meat, seafood, everyday items, and clothing. Once you have your list ready, it’s time to go…

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Chinese Grocery List Posted by on Mar 2, 2017

Making a grocery list is one of those boring, mundane tasks that’s just a part of life. If you’re like me, going to the market without a list usually spells disaster. You end up with a bunch of things you don’t need (giant bag of chips), and somehow manage to forget those essential items (toilet…

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How to do Your Grocery Shopping in China Posted by on Jul 30, 2015

Buying groceries is one of those aspects of life that you don’t realize how important it is until you’re in a place where you can’t understand any of the labels or communicate with the workers. For my first few weeks living in China, going to the grocery store was an adventure to say the very…

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Kunming Bird and Flower Market Posted by on Jul 2, 2015

Throughout China, you’ll find plenty of quirky and unique markets. One fine example is the Bird & Flower Market (花鸟市场 – huā niǎo shì chǎng) located in Kunming. Just off the major pedestrian shopping street of Zhengyi Road, you can find this maze of stalls specializing in – you guessed it – birds and flowers…

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Going Undercover in Chinese Markets Posted by on Mar 14, 2014

We’ve been talking a lot about clothes shopping here recently, so I decided to go undercover in a few of Beijing’s busiest clothing markets to show you all what it’s really like clothes shopping in China. Take a peak at two local markets – one geared towards students and another for foreign tourists. Also, learn…

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How to Shop for Clothing in Mandarin (Part Two) Posted by on Mar 12, 2014

In the last post, we went over some useful language for clothes shopping in China. Now that you know a bunch of clothing related vocabulary, a few important measure words, and some common questions/answers, it’s time to bargain a bit, pay up, and get home to try on your new fly gear! Let’s get started……

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At the Market – Everyday Items Posted by on Feb 10, 2014

Have you ever gone into a market in China and embarrassed yourself trying to use body and sign language to get across the items you’re looking for? I know I have! In an effort to make your trips to the local Chinese market a little more efficient and stress free, we’ve been teaching some useful…

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