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Chairman Mao – Early Years of the PRC Posted by on Sep 18, 2013

In our first post about Chairman Mao, we went from his birth to the birth of a new nation. Click here in case you missed it. After years of bloody civil war and occupation by Japan during World War II, Mao spoke in front of a massive crowd on October 1st, 1949 and established the…

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Chinese Power Change Posted by on Nov 2, 2012

With the next American presidential election just a few days away and so much media hype surrounding it, there isn’t a whole lot of talk out there about the upcoming power change in China. Of course, this highlights two major differences between the world superpowers – while the US election is highly promoted, with candidates…

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China – From the Last Emperor to Mao Zedong Posted by on Jul 21, 2011

Way back in October 2010, I decided to set out on writing a condensed history of China from the last emperor to Mao Zedong. With little knowledge of that time period myself, I was curious to learn more about Chinese history and in turn share some of my findings with our readers. Little did I…

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History of the PRC – Part Ten Posted by on Dec 12, 2010

For Part Ten of this history lesson, we’re going to divert from the story a bit to focus on an especially important character in this saga – Mao Zedong (毛泽东 – Máo zé dōng). These days, you still see the Chairman’s face just about everywhere you go in China. From massive statues of the man…

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