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Music Genres in Chinese Posted by on May 26, 2016

Music (音乐 – yīn yuè) is a huge part of my life. From playing cello, percussion, and guitar through my school years, to following my favorite bands around the country, to attending music festivals in the US, China, and Indonesia, music has always played an important role in my life. How about you? Do you…

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My Hobbies (我的爱好) Posted by on Aug 12, 2012

When making small talk, it’s very common to talk about your hobbies (爱好 – Ài hào). After all, talking about what you like to do in your free time is always more interesting than talking about what you have to do at work or school. To help you build your vocabulary and learn how to talk…

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Overcoming the Language Barrier: Chinese Hip Hop Posted by on Jul 25, 2008

In the 1990s, two cultures crossed paths as they travelled to opposite ends of the earth. In 1993, specifically, nine rappers from New York would release their first album, launching their careers as one of the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed hip hop groups of all time. The Wu Tang Clan (named after the…

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