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Beijing vs. Shanghai Posted by on May 26, 2022

Beijing and Shanghai are the two biggest and most famous Chinese cities. One is an ancient city known for its cultural icons, while the other is a modern metropolis full of futuristic skyscrapers. So which city is better? Well, you’ll just have to visit them both and decide for yourself! This post is actually all…

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8 Years of Videos Posted by on Sep 26, 2018

8 Years of Videos

After 8 years of sharing videos on Chinese language and culture, this will be my final video post on the Transparent Chinese channel. As such, I’ve put together a nice recap on 8 years of videos to share with you. It’s been a wild ride that included living in both Beijing and Kunming, working as…

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Best Places to Visit in China in the Summer Posted by on Jul 19, 2017

Summer is here, and it’s a great time to travel in China. Sure, it’s a busy time of year, but that’s always the case in the world’s most populous country. In my 5+ years of living in China, I ended up doing most of my traveling during the summer months. Here are a few of…

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A Short Trip in Shanghai (Part Two) Posted by on Sep 28, 2015

Should you find yourself in Shanghai, here’s a guide to a nice, relaxing day. Check out Shanghai’s parks, museums, and the French Concession.

A Short Trip in Shanghai (Part One) Posted by on Sep 2, 2015

Shanghai is the largest city by population in China, the country’s financial capital, a place where fashion trends are set, and a metropolis with a long, rich history. Here’s an introduction to Shanghai, with sights from the financial center, The Bund, Nanjing Road, Old Shanghai, and more.

Cheap Eats in Shanghai Posted by on Jul 31, 2015

Just because it’s a big, cosmopolitan city doesn’t mean there aren’t awesome cheap eats in Shanghai. Just to prove it, we put together a little video for you!

Around China in 5 Minutes Posted by on Sep 22, 2013

Join the Grateful Gypsies as we take you on a tour around the Middle Kingdom in just five minutes! Visit some of China’s most iconic cities, climb a few mountains, float down scenic rivers, take in the culture and history of this amazing country, dig in to some delicious food, get silly at a beer…

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