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Better Know a… Municipality (Part Two) Posted by on Aug 27, 2012

In Part One of our new series, we explored China’s capital city – Beijing. Today, we’re heading a little bit south to take a closer look at Beijing’s biggest rival – Shanghai (上海 – shàng hǎi). The biggest city proper in the entire world, Shanghai is a bustling metropolis full of history, culture, and exciting new…

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Shanghai (上海) Posted by on Feb 29, 2012

You can get from Beijing to Shanghai in just 5 hours now with the high-speed railway. As such, we took a short trip there during the National Holiday (国庆节) in 2011, which is a busy but exciting time to travel. Check out the Yuyuan Gardens, the view of the Bund, and some delicious Shanghai dumplings…

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Chinese + English = Chinglish (中式英语) Posted by on Nov 7, 2011

If you’ve ever visited China, you’ve undoubtably come across a “Chinglish” sign that makes you either stop and scratch your head or burst out laughing. These signs, which usually are the by-product of direct plug and play dictionary findings by a non-English speaker, are a stark reminder of the subtle, yet important differences between English…

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Shanghai State of Mind (上海) Posted by on Aug 15, 2011

A glimpse back at "Old Shanghai"

Imagine a city with enough fluorescent lighting and big screen LED displays to put Vegas and Tokyo both to shame. Add some classical chinese hutongs (胡同) and buildings, mix in some 19th century, stately British architecture (along the bund) and surround all that by hulking skyscrapers, many of which have shot up within the last…

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Two Very Important Characters Posted by on Sep 27, 2010

大家好, While I was hoping to bring you an exciting new video today, computer problems have made that impossible.  Apparently, I have overworked my Mac Book over the last two years, and as such it is currently being repaired.  Unfortunately, that leaves me without my beloved Final Cut Pro for the time being, which means…

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The Shanghai Expo (中国2010年上海世界博览会): “Shanghai’s Moment in the Sun” Posted by on May 3, 2010

As the dazzling displays of fireworks, interpretive performances and welling nationalist pride of the 2008 Beijing Olympics fade from international memory, another pro-China, six-month event (the largest and most expensive of it’s kind) has just begun this weekend in Shanghai, China (上海 Shàng hǎi). The Shanghai World Expo or 中国2010年上海世界博览会 (Zhōngguó Èrlíngyīlíng Nián Shànghǎi Shìjìe…

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