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10 Beginner Chinese Videos Posted by on Jan 31, 2016

Learning a language is no easy task, especially one that is notoriously difficult such as Chinese. Thankfully, we’re here to help you in your quest to speak Mandarin. While we post tons of great content here on the blog, there’s also a lot going on over at our YouTube channel. There are plenty of videos…

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Advanced Time Telling Posted by on Nov 30, 2012

Yesterday, I introduced a lot of vocabulary words and grammatical structures for how to tell the time. I focused mainly on the different parts of the day, asking for/giving the time, and talking about daily activities. At the end of the post, I gave you 10 examples to practice. Here are the answers: 现在几点? 现在五点…

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A Day in the (Chinese) Life Posted by on Mar 28, 2012

To help you learn about telling time in Chinese and describing daily activities, I’m going to describe a typical day in my life, all in Chinese: 我早上九点起床,然后吃早餐。早餐的话我喜欢吃水果和面包,喝果汁和咖啡。我十点去健身房做运动。我喜欢打篮球,跑步,或者游泳。我中午十二点回家吃午饭。我常常吃三明治或者沙拉。饭后我洗澡,然后去公司上班。如果天气好,我骑自行车。如果天气不好,我坐公交车。我下午一点上班。我的工作是教大人英语。我先有三节课,然后休息。休息的时候我喜欢上网或者看书。从六点到九点我还有三节课。我晚上九点下班回家。有时候我在家里做饭,有时候我去饭馆吃中国菜。我的公寓附近有很多好饭馆,比如桂林米粉,东北菜,麻辣烫,什么的。吃晚饭以后我喜欢看电视。因为我是夜猫子,我很晚睡觉。 For beginner learners of Chinese, I realize that can be a lot to digest, so let’s break down my daily routine sentence-by-sentence, with pinyin and English to assist…

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