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Xi’an (西安) – Huaqing Hot Spring (华清池) Posted by on Jun 5, 2012 in Culture, history, sightseeing, travel

Take a day trip out of Xi’an to the historical site of Mt. Lishan and the Huaqing Hot Springs in this short video. This mountain resort provided R&R for countless Chinese Emperors, with plenty of natural hot springs and beautiful scenery. For more modern history, you can see the place where Chiang Kai-shek hid from the Communists during the Xi’an Incident of 1936. On your way out to see the Terra Cotta Warriors, this is definitely a place worth visiting.

肉夹馍 – ròu jiā mó
sliced meat sandwich

猪肉 – zhū ròu

很好吃 – hěn hǎo chī
very delicious

骊山 – lí shān
Mt. Lishan

缆车 – lǎn chē
cable car

污染很严重 – wū rǎn hěn yán zhòng
The pollution is very serious.

这个小孩很可爱 – zhè ge xiǎo hái hěn kě’ài
This kid is really cute.

旅行团 – lǚ xíng tuán
tour group

射箭 – shè jiàn

兵谏亭 – bīng jiàn tíng
Remonstrance Pavilion

蒋介石 – jiǎng jiè shí
Chiang Kai-shek

西安事变 – Xī’ān shì biàn
Xi’an Incident

国民党 – guó mín dǎng
Kuomintang (Nationalist Party)

华清池 – huá qīng chí
Huaqing Hot Springs

唐玄宗 – táng xuán zōng
Emperor Xuanzong

嫔妃 – pín fēi

杨贵妃 – yáng guìfēi
Yang Yuhuan

莲花汤- lián huā tāng
Lotus Pool

海棠汤 – hǎi táng tāng
Crabapple Pool

尚食汤 – shàng shí tāng
Shangshi Pool

星辰汤 – xīng chén tāng
Star Pool


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