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Yunnan – Part One – Dali Old City Posted by on Dec 13, 2011 in Culture

After the binge drinking shenanigans of the Qingdao Beer Festival, we flew south to Yunnan province for the second leg of our trip. From the capital city of Kunming, we took a 4-hour bus ride to Dali. In this first video from our Yunnan trip, see a little bit of downtown Kunming, some delicious Yunnan style food in Dali, and the busy streets of a night market.

昆明 – kūn míng

云南省 – yún nán shěng
Yunnan province

午餐 – wǔ cān

凉面 – liáng miàn
cold noodles

汽车站 – qì chē zhàn
bus station

我们先买了有些小吃,然后走了 – wǒ men xiān mǎi le yǒu xiē xiǎo chī, rán hòu zǒu le
First, we bought some snacks, then we left.

彩虹 – cǎi hóng

大理古城 – dà lǐ gǔ chéng
Dali Old City

青年旅馆 – qīng nián lǚ guǎn
youth hostel

他们有两只漂亮的狗 – tā men yǒu liǎng zhī piào liang de gǒu
They have two beautiful dogs.

厨师 – chú shī

白酒 – bái jiǔ
Chinese liquor

第一次 – dì yí cì
first time

雪碧 – xuě bì

我真不习惯喝白酒 – wǒ zhēn bù xí guàn hē bái jiǔ
I really can’t get used to drinking baijiu.

逛街 – guàng jiē
stroll the streets

夜市 – yè shì
night market

嬉皮士 – xī pí shì

街头食品 – jiē tóu shí pǐn
street food

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