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Zharu Valley Eco-Tourism Hike (Day Three) Posted by on Feb 3, 2013 in Culture

For the 3rd and final day of the hike, we headed downhill and visited a local Tibetan village. Inside, we were welcomed with multiple cups of butter tea and plates full of home-cooked food. After a bike ride and a stop at the local temple, we took part in a roast lamb party. With singing, dancing, delicious food, and plenty of barley wine, it was the great way to end an incredible journey.

最后一天 – zuì hòu yì tiān

the last day


我们看到了很多花 – wǒ men kàn dào le hěn duō huā

We saw a lot of flowers.


也看到了很多马 – yě kàn dào le hěn duō mǎ

We also saw a lot of horses.


水车 – shuǐ chē

water wheel


酥油茶 – sū yóu chá

butter tea


青稞酒 – qīng kē jiǔ

barley wine


他们坐车,我们骑自行车 – tā men zuò chē, wǒ men qí zì xíng chē

They took a car, we rode bikes.


扎如寺 – zhā rú sì

Zharu Monastery


晚会 – wǎn huì



烤羊 – kǎo yáng

roast lamb


她唱歌唱的不好听 – tā chàng gē chàng de bù hǎo tīng

Her singing does not sound good.


我们都喜欢跳舞 – wǒ men dōu xǐ huan tiào wǔ

We all like to dance.

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  1. Zakk:

    Should be 得, not 的, in 唱得不好听.

    • sasha:

      @Zakk Ahh yes. Made a mistake with my pinyin recognition typing. Thanks for helping out! I’ll make a note in the post about it.

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