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Open CL-150 Cohort Lessons – Week 3 Posted by on Mar 31, 2020 in For Instructors, For Learners, For Program Managers

On March 17 we announced Open CL-150 Cohorts to help US Government language programs meet challenges presented by COVID-19.

For the next several weeks, we will release all 36 of that week’s Cohort lessons for use by any learner, sustainer, or instructor in the US Government language community. While these open lessons don’t include any data tracking, they do provide two hours of current, relevant, level-appropriate learning materials for learners at ILR 2, 2+, and 3. You can find the first week of open lessons here, the second week here, and this week’s brand new lessons in the list below. Please share with anyone you think might benefit.

Note: Those of you already using the CL-150 Platform for yourself or your program should ignore this. You already have access to each week’s lessons via the CL-150 Platform, and you should continue the same way.

Weekly CL-150 Cohort lessons are just one piece of the CL-150 Platform. There are tools for class management, lesson authoring, vocabulary refresh, and integrated reporting that ties it all together to increase visibility. If your language program does not already participate, we encourage you to join the ever-growing CL-150 community and explore how the CL-150 Platform can help you seamlessly transition to more remote-centric acquisition and sustainment.

Have questions? We’re here to help:

Find your Cohort Lesson from the list below or via the downloadable PDF*.

*Reminder, if you have a CL-150 account, please log in and access this week’s Cohort lesson from your Learning Path so your learning time is tracked and reported!

Arabic, Iraqi

Arabic, Levantine

Arabic, MSA

Chinese, Mandarin




Pashto, Afghan

Pashto, Pakistani


Spanish, Latin American


Update: You can now also access the Week 4 lessons.