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New in Mobile: Hands-free Audio Lessons Posted by on Dec 23, 2020 in For Learners, New in Mobile

Fit more language study into your busy days with the new Hands-free Autoplay mode in the CL-150 mobile app.

Open any CL-150 lesson in the Autoplay app to continue acquiring or sustaining language proficiency while you…

🐕 walk your dog

🚗 commute to work

🥗 whip up dinner

or do anything else that requires your eyes or hands.

Hands-free Autoplay delivers a mix of three listening and speaking activities that challenge you to practice your pronunciation while building your vocabulary.

You can work the activities in order; no hands required. If you do have a spare hand, you can skip around, pause and repeat challenges, or jump to the next activity at will. See a hands-free lesson in action in this quick tutorial video.

Hands-free Autoplay lessons can be downloaded for offline use on the Android app and iOS app*! A typical CL-150 lesson with 15-20 vocabulary items will take about 15 minutes to complete the audio activities in Hands-free Autoplay mode, so be sure to download a couple lessons for your next run or commute!

Start learning anytime, anywhere with the CL-150 app available in the Google Play Store and the Apple app store.

*Note that Hands-free Autoplay mode will not be added to the “Limited OFL Version” of the CL-150 app. We highly recommend using the latest version of the standard CL-150 app if you do not already.