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CL-150 Platform Year in Review 2020 Posted by on Dec 30, 2020 in For Instructors, For Learners, For Program Managers

What a year!

With all the zigging and zagging this year required, did you miss any CL-150 Platform upgrades that could benefit your language program? After all, there were a lot of upgrades, many giving program managers and instructors more visibility or learners more flexibility to meet language requirements on their own.

Let’s take a quick look, and please join us for a virtual orientation in 2021 so we can show you these updates in action.

New for Learners

  • Set a personal learning goal to stay motivated and ensure you’re meeting the requirements set by your CLPM or admin.
  • Open any CL-150 lesson in Hands-free Autoplay mode to work through an audio-only version of the lesson that you can do while commuting, working out, or anything else that requires your hands or eyes.
  • Review the pandemic news and terminology with COVID-19 News Lessons, a special series published in all Cohort languages and levels from March through updates for learners

New for Program Managers

The Reporting Groups dashboard for program managers was completely redesigned in 2020. CLPMs and administrators can now:

  • Set weekly or monthly learning requirements for your sustainers based on their training requirements.
  • Monitor sustainers’ learning activity in real time, including each learner’s CL-150 time, self-reported time, and the status of their requirement.
  • Send messages to your Reporting Groups, or any combination of sustainers within it, such as reminders for those who haven’t met their goal yet this week.CL-150 updates for CLPMs

New for Instructors

The Class Management portal was also redesigned in 2020, making it easier for instructors to:

  • Preview lessons before you assign them directly from the assignments tab.
  • Subscribe your classes to assignments from other classes (whether that class is your own or that of another instructor) and choose whether or not you want to manually approve each assignment.
  • Message individual students or any combination of students from your classes.
  • See how much time students are spending on specific learning activities within the lessons you assign in the updated Learner Activity Report.CL-150 Platform updates for instructors

New for Lesson Authors

The lesson authoring tool makes it easy for organizations or instructors to take their language materials virtual quickly. Lesson authors can now collaborate and choose from more learning activities:

CL-150 Platform updates for lesson authoring

In the Community

Ok, we weren’t literally in the community this year, but going fully remote ourselves, we understand how important it is to pivot quickly in these times.

This year, we met virtually with dozens of program managers and instructors (and too many learners to count) to help each organization make the most of the CL-150 Platform and its capabilities for remote acquisition, sustainment, and enhancement.

If you haven’t attended an orientation recently, we hope to see you soon at one of our monthly orientation webinars for learners, program managers, instructors, or lesson authors.

Already attended? Request a custom session to discuss how the CL-150 Platform can meet your specific needs and get a deeper dive on the features you use most.

We look forward to working with you in 2021. If you have questions or suggestions for how we can improve next year, we’d love to hear from you: