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3 review features in the CL-150 all sustainers should use Posted by on Apr 5, 2023 in For Learners

It’s funny because it’s true. But if it’s true, you’re not reviewing enough.

These three features in the CL-150 Platform will help you fight the forgetting curve.

  1. Refresh your Learned Vocab.

Maintaining your vocab is key to maintaining proficiency. In fact, studies show that vocabulary size is by far the single most significant factor contributing to proficiency.

Every word or phrase you learn in the CL-150 Platform is stored in your Learned Vocab. You can also add your own vocab from elsewhere. The system will keep track of which vocab you’ve interacted with recently. Words or phrases at risk of being forgotten are labeled as “stale”.

A few minutes a day refreshing your stale vocab goes a long way.

Save time by archiving vocab you know by heart. At some point, you’ve memorized a word like “please” and never need to review it again. Click the Archive button in the corner and you’ll never see it in refresh again.

CL-150 Learned Vocab refresher

  1. Revisit completed lessons.

If your vocab is fresh or you’re looking for a different challenge, review your completed lessons. It’s helpful to revisit old lessons to see how much you’ve learned—and what you’ve forgotten.

Use the filter on the Learning Path to quickly find and review past lessons.

Review completed lessons in the CL-150

  1. Set a daily learning goal.

Ok, this isn’t strictly a review tool. But reviewing often takes discipline. Setting a daily learning goal and earning a learning streak will keep you motivated to put in a few minutes every day. Just make sure you also sign up for email reminders for added accountability.

Your learning goal will default to “any amount of time”, but we recommend at least 10 minutes per day to get enough reviewing in.

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