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3 features for faster language program management Posted by on Jun 8, 2023 in For Program Managers

You can keep a close eye on your linguists while remaining fairly hands off day to day.

These time-saving admin features in the CL-150 Platform make it simple.

  1. Recurring reports

Want to know what your linguists are up to in the CL-150 Platform? You don’t even need to log in to find out!

Next time you run your Program Manager Report, set it up as a recurring report. You’ll automatically receive the same report by email as often as you’d like—weekly, monthly, etc.

Flip the toggle in the top right, set your desired frequency (weekly, monthly, etc.), and configure the report as you normally would.

CL-150 CLPM reports recurring

  1. Overview charts

Want to quickly see who is or isn’t meeting their weekly or monthly learning goal? Or who needs to re-take their DLPT/OPI/test soon?

The reporting group overview dashboard lets you assess program status at a glance. Customize your dashboard with charts for DLPT expiration dates, weekly/monthly goal status, ILR scores for the 4 modalities, and more.

Just make sure you’ve configured your reporting group with your baseline proficiency level and set learning goals for your linguists.

CL-150 CLPM Dashboard

  1. Messaging from pie charts

The overview dashboard doesn’t just let you view your language program’s status—you can act on the data right from the pie charts.

Click on any of the wedges in a chart and we’ll bring you to a list of all of the linguists who meet that criteria. For example, click on the “Not Started” wedge in the Weekly Goal chart and you’ll see a list of linguists who haven’t logged any learning time yet this week.

You can then select that list and send them a message in the CL-150. No more chasing down individuals—now you can immediately identify and contact linguists who aren’t meeting requirements.

CL-150 CLPM Dashboard

Watch the full CL-150 Program Manager Orientation here to learn how to put all the pieces together and streamline how you manage your language program.