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New: ILR 3+ Cohort Lessons Posted by on Aug 16, 2023 in For Learners, New in CL-150 Cohorts

ILR 3 is no longer the ceiling—for you, or for CL-150 Cohort lessons!

Improve your reading and listening skills with ILR 3+ Cohort lessons in Chinese, Farsi, French, Russian, and Spanish.

Each language has 36 hour-long lessons. 3 listening lessons and 3 reading lessons based on authentic sources in each of the following domains: Geopolitics, Economics, Cyber & Technology, Defense, Terrorism, and Crime & Narcotics.

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Explore authentic materials

In each lesson, you’ll explore an authentic text or audio clip professionally rated at ILR 3+.

Sources ranging from an op-ed on Colombian tax reform to an interview with a Russian historian about monopolies on natural resources.

ILR 3+ Chinese Lesson

Master advanced language features

You’ll be exposed to language features like figurative language, idioms, irony, allusion, satire, rhetorical questions, metaphors, and implicit information—all things you’ll encounter beyond ILR 3.

ILR 3+ French Lesson

Build vocab depth

You’ll also acquire lots of lower-frequency or domain specific vocabulary in topics ranging from military strategy to legal defense to lending markets.

Vocab items are accompanied by in-depth explanations that provide context, additional meanings, literal translations, and more.

ILR 3+ Chinese Lesson

Improve reading and listening comprehension

Every lesson includes a reading or listening comprehension activity.

At this level comprehension questions target the features of the text/audio that push it to the ‘+’ level, such as rhetorical devices, implied cultural information, and analysis of the author’s arguments.

ILR 3+ Russian Lesson

Enroll now to get an ILR 3+ lesson in your inbox every week. Or request an ILR 3+ Refresher Course to ace your next DLPT.