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(Wet) Winter Wonderland Posted by on Dec 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Autumn vs. winter – who is going to win?

OMG! Det sner! (It’s snowing!) Yesterday afternoon, delicate, tiny snefnug (snowflake[s]) came on a surprise visit several steder (places) in Denmark, whirling through the fresh luft (air) like white confetti. It melted to cold water on pedestrians’ faces, and made the cars’ vinduesviskere (windscreen wipers) run wild… In my region, Eastern Central Jutland, the very glat (slippery) asphalt caught everyone napping, causing delays and confusion on the roads. But children were happy, and nothing really matches the tranquil beauty of haver (gardens) and marker (fields) all covered in white… One day later, however, the sne (snow) was all gone.

In a weather-obsessed country like Denmark, the first snow is always a bit of a sensation… Most often, it doesn’t last long, though, and a typical Danish winter seems to be wet and rainy rather than white and snowy. A day of frost may very well be followed by a day of (thaw). Vejrudsigten (the weather forecast) typically warns against sne og slud (snow and sleet).

According to older folks, who lived before ’global warming’ became such a buzzword, there was ”always” more snow before. (The beer was cheaper, the women prettier, etc.) While I can’t comment upon that, I’d like to give you the first stanza of an old song that’s still sung and enjoyed – Jeppe Aakjær’s ”Sneflokke kommer vrimlende”

Sneflokke kommer vrimlende
snow flocks come swarming
hen over Diger trimlende,
falling across dikes,
det knyger ud af Himlene,
it’s pouring out from the Skys,
det sluger Hegn og Gaard,
it’s swallowing fences and farms,
det ryger ind ad Sprækkerne
it’s rushing through the crevices
til Pølserne paa Rækkerne,
to the sausages in their rows,
og Faarene ved Hækkerne
and the sheep at the hedges
faar Blink i Pelsens Haar.
get gleams in the hair of their furs.

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