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Danish for Mercurians Posted by on Feb 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

By popular request, the aliens are back! This time our little friends have come all the way from Mercury to experience some Danish night-life.

Hej     Hi
Hvad hedder du?     What’s your name? (Literally: What are you called?)
Jeg hedder Xenia, og du?     I’m called Xenia, and you?
Hvor kommer du fra?     Where do you come from?
Hvad laver du?     What do you do (for a living)?

Jeg er rejsende i tid og rum.    I’m a traveller in time and space.

Fed hat. Cool hat. (Literally: Fat hat!)

Du ser smuk ud.     You look beautiful.
Du har smukke øjne.     You have pretty eyes.
Kommer du her tit?     Do you come here a lot?
Jeg synes jeg har set dig før et sted…     I think I’ve seen you before somewhere…
Er det rigtigt?     Really? (Literally: Is that true?)
Det må have været i en af dine drømme.     That must have been in one of your dreams.
Skrid.     Be gone.
Kender du Max?     Do you know Max?
Merete, det er min ven Max. Max, det er min veninde Merete.     Merete, this is my (male) friend Max. Max, this is my (female) friend Merete.
Jeg troede I var kærester.     I thought you were together. (Literally: I thought you were boyfriend and girlfriend.)
Ej, hvor er det bare noget fedt musik de spiller i aften!     Gee, isn’t that some cool music they are playing tonight!
DJ Stardust styrer bare for vildt!     DJ Stardust is really awesome! (Literally: DJ Stardust just rules too wildly!)
Vil du danse?     Wanna dance?
Er du sindssyg?     Are you crazy? (Literally: Are you mentally ill?)
Der er ikke noget jeg hellere vil.     There’s nothing I’d rather do!
Vil du have en drink?     Would you like a drink?
Jeg vil hellere have en øl/et shot/et glas vand.     I’d rather have a beer/a shot of alcohol/a glass of water.
Tak for i aften!     Thanks for tonight!     (In Denmark we allways say ’thank you’, that’s our way of being polite without saying ’please’! 🙂  )
Det var hyggeligt.     It’s been nice.
Skal vi tage en taxa hjem til dig?     Are we going to take a taxi/cab to your place?

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