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Let’s make frikadeller! Posted by on Jan 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

Sikke et møgvejr! [SEKeh et MOYvare] What a cr*p weather! The days right now are cold, dark, grey and snowless in Denmark. Fortunately, people here are world champions in the noble art of hygge. The clue is to find de indre glæder (the inner pleasures), and enjoy yourself in the jolly company of others. Let’s open et par øller (a couple of beers), and make some very traditional Danish frikadeller [freckaDELLor] (meat balls) together.



(opskrift, recipe, for 4 persons)


You’ll need:

  • a bowl
  • a ladle
  • a spoon
  • a pan
  • a hotplate
  • a spatula
  • a dinner set
  • 400 grammes of fars (chopped pork or chopped veal)
  • 2 teaspoonfuls of salt
  • 2 spoonfuls of flour
  • 1-2 eggs
  • pepper
  • optionally, a bit of grated onion
  • (around) 2 decilitres of milk
  • butter (for the frying)

What to do:

  1. Stir the fars with salt, flour, eggs, (onion) and pepper. (More or less in that order!)
  2. Add the milk, and make it a nice, slimy dough.
  3. Wash your hands.
  4. Fire up a pande (pan). Melt the butter on it.
  5. Grab a spoon. Use the spoon and the palm of the free hand to make meatballs out of the dough. Each meatball is to be put onto the pan.
  6. When all the frikadeller are suitably fried on one side, turn them with a spatula. Fry them till they have a nice, greyish nut-brown colour (neither red nor black).



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I was born in Denmark, but spent large parts of my childhood and study years in Norway. I later returned to Denmark, where I finished my MA in Scandinavian Studies. Having relatives in Sweden as well, I feel very Scandinavian! I enjoy reading and travelling, and sharing stories with you! You’re always welcome to share your thoughts with me and the other readers.


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