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New Year’s Resolutions in Danish Posted by on Dec 31, 2012 in Culture

As 2012 is slipping away, it’s time to set the record straight for 2013! 🙂 Many people are making nytårsforsætter (et nytårsforsæt in the singular), or New Year’s resolutions, about things to improve or achieve during the upcoming year. I asked some family members and friends about their nytårsforsætter:

  • at leve sundt (to live healthy)
  • at begynde at træne (to start training)
  • at snakke pænt til konen (to talk nice to the wife)
  • at læse mere (to read more)
  • at starte et nyt og bedre liv (to start a new and better life)
  • at rydde op (to tidy up)
  • at lave færre overspringshandlinger (to do fewer displacement activities)
  • at bruge mere tid til at være social på Facebook (to spend more time being social on Facebook)
  • at læse færre netaviser (to read fewer online newspapers)
  • at bygge en garage (to build a garage)
  • at holde op med at ryge (to quit smoking)
  • at lave flere lektier (to do more homework)
  • at dyrke mere sport (to do more sport)

What are your resolutions for 2013?

Godt nytår!


Fun fact for language geeks: In Denmark, many think that the word for new year’s resolution is actually ”nytårsfortsæt”, which means ”new year’s continue” (fortsæt)!

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