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Talking about prices Posted by on Apr 30, 2017 in Uncategorized

Fun fact: What happens to the word REGNINGER (bills) when you read it backwards? 🙂 Yeah, that’s right: It’s one of the longest palindroms in Danish…

Er Danmark dyrt? (Is Denmark expensive?) Many priser (prices) certainly are higher than in lots of other countries, so don’t be too surprised when you come here as a tourist! 🙂 Here are some expressions for talking about prices and payment in general.

dyr, billig (expensive, cheap)

pris (price)

penge (moneys – yes, it’s a plural word in Danish…)

sedler, mønter, betalingskort (notes, coins, cash cards)

tilbud [TILbooth] (offer)


Hvor meget koster havfruen? (How much does the mermaid cost?)

Den koster tres kroner. (It costs sixty Kroner.)

Det er en smule dyrt, synes jeg. (It’s a little bit expensive, I think.)

Det er alt for dyrt! (It’s far too expensive!)

Har I ikke noget billigere? (Don’t you have something cheaper?)

Jo, vikingehjelmen er til halv pris. (Yes, the Viking helmet is 50% off…)

Har I andre varer på tilbud? (Have you got other items on offer?)


Må vi be’ om regningen? (Could we get the bill, please?)

Tusind kroner?? Skal vi ikke hellere sige ni hundrede? (1000 Kroner? Couldn’t we rather say 900?)

Beklager, her prutter vi altså ikke om priserne. (Sorry, we don’t bargain [with the prices] here.)

I Danmark er der faste priser. (In Denmark there are fixed prices.)

Men I må meget gerne give nogle drikkepenge. (But you are very welcome to leave some tip.)


Hvor meget bliver det? (How much is it?)

Det bliver 132, tak. (It’s 132, please.)

Tager I MasterCard? (Do you take MasterCard?)

Ja, det går fint. (Yes, no problem!)

Nej, her kan du desværre kun betale kontant eller med MobilePay. (No, unfortunately, here you can only pay in cash or with MobilePay [Danish payment system for mobile phones].)

Der er en hæveautomat lige om hjørnet. (There is an ATM just around the corner.)

Tak for hjælpen! (Thanks for the help!)

Det var så lidt! (You’re welcome!)

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