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Danish on the go Posted by on Mar 31, 2022 in Language

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Hej! Hvordan har du det? Jeg håber du har det godt… (Hi, how are you doing? I hope you’re doing fine…) Learning any language takes a lot of time and work. Sometimes it gets a little too technical with all the details you need to remember: Grammar, udtale (pronunciation) and what not. Below is a small collection of phrases that might be useful. (I’m sure some of them have been mentioned before in this blog, but not in the same post!)


Velkommen til. (Welcome.)

Hvad hedder du? (What’s your name?)

Vi er på ferie i Danmark. (We’re on holiday in Denmark.)

Må jeg sidde her? (Can I sit here?)

Hvor bor I henne? (Where do you guys live?)

Hvor ligger hotellet? (Where is the hotel?)

Gå til højre/til venstre/ligeud. (Walk right/left/straight ahead.)

Mange tak. (Thanks a lot.)

Det var så lidt. (You’re welcome.)

Undskyld! (Sorry!)

Det beklager jeg! (Sorry about that!)

Børnene kan lide at svømme. (The children like to swim.)

Kan du hjælpe mig? (Can you help me?)

Jeg har brug for et kram. (I need a hug.)

Jeg er sulten/tørstig. (I’m hungry/thirsty.)

Hvad koster et stykke kage? (How much does a piece of cake cost?)

Fryser du? (Are you cold?)

Hvad er klokken? (What time is it?)

Det er sent. (It’s late.)

Det var rigtigt hyggeligt, men vi er nødt til at gå nu. (It was very nice, but we have to leace now.)

Solen skinner og fuglene synger. (The sun is shining and the birds are singing.)

Dejligt vejr! (Nice weather!)

Du er smuk. (You’re beautiful.)

I lige måde. (You too./Likewise.)

Jeg elsker dig. (I love you.)

Skål! (Cheers!)

Tillykke med fødselsdagen! (Happy birthday!)

Sjovt! (Funny!)

God rejse! (Have a nice trip!)

God påske! (Happy Easter!)

Vi ses! (See you!)

Hav det godt! (Take care!)

And now a little notice for you all… As I wrote last month, my blogging for Transparent Language is coming to an end. It’s been some interesting years, and I’ve been learning a lot from communicating with my readers. Thank you for being there and for all your feedback! However, I also want to write other things than blog posts, and to explore other areas than language teaching. And as you know if you’ve been following this blog for a while, the frequency of posts has been going down as Transparent Language is increasing its focus on other ways to teach languages. (Which means there might not come a new blogger here in the foreseeable future.) So, this will be my last post for this blog. I know some of you will feel let down, but nobody can please everybody. I hope you’ll keep learning Danish! 🙂 Tak for selskabet! Held og lykke videre! (Thank you for the company! Good luck in the future!)

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