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Learning a Language Posted by on Jan 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

 We highly encourage our learners to participate and interact in the target language as much as possible.  The more you interact in the target language the more effective the learning process will be.   Please take a look at the attached video.  The man in the video is giving learning a 100% effort.   Everyone has language barriers and at times we might say something which is not pronounced correctly even in our native language.  The man in this video is not afraid or shy to practice in order to learn.   He is focused on learning and we appreciate him for his effort and positive attitude.  The idea is, don’t be shy, enjoy, and have fun learning!


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  1. Gulya:

    Michael,Observant as ever! I certainly see rleaning as the issue. I was hoping to re-define instruction’ in newer/different terms. As long as there are classrooms there will be pedagogy, even if it describes the teacher as facilitator rather than instructor. (For some techers, that could be lectures, for others the role may be pure facilitation.) In our case, much of the pedagogy comes at the level of instructional design, where we match what we know about rleaning to the parameters of the medium. It also plays out in the social context people learn from each other and the community of practice is, I think, relevant. A teacher could facilitate a group discussion but take no direct part in it. If the learners grapple with new concepts, practice in the target language, and actually learn stuff without teacher intervention, is there any pedagogy involved? I think there is.On ChinesePod or SpanishPod, the role of the teacher (or is practitioner’ a better word?) is to design the learnign object, deliver it in a way that is engaging, build context around it (this to me, is as much about context managment as content management)and keep the discussion productive after that. I would say that this is pedagogy and this is where I want to probe. Perhaps the term instruction’ was a bit misleading, though!Ken Carroll