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simple sentences in Dari Posted by on Feb 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

Simple sentences in Dari:  The verb normally comes at the end of the sentence in Dari.  Translations:  This – īn, that -ān, it –ān or īn, she-ow, he-ow and is –ast.

English Transliterated Dari
 This is a book  īn ketāb ast  این کِتاب است                                
 That is a pen  ān qalam ast  آن قلم است                                  
 This is a house  īn khānah ast  این خانه است                               
 That is a village  ān qaryah ast  آن قریه است                                
 It is a desk  ān maez ast  آن میز است                                 
 It is a chair  ān chawk ī ast  آن چوکی است                              
 This is a man  īn mard ast  این مَرد است                                
 That is a woman  ān zan ast  آن زن است                                  
 Habib is a carpenter  habib najār ast  حبیب نجار است                            
 Habiba is a nurse  habiba parastār ast  حبیبه  پرستار است                        
 Wali is a teacher  Wali ma ‘lem ast  ولی معلم است                               
 She is a student  ow shāgerd ast  او شاگِرد است                              


Exercise:  make sentences out of the following vocabulary using the above word order.

 Broom/jārru/جارو  Shoe/kafsh/ کفش  Shirt/peyrāhan/ پیراهن
 School/maktab/ مکتب  Shop/dukān/دوکان  Wall/dewār/ دیوار
 Teacher/ma ‘lem/معلم  Girl/dokhtar/دختر  Key/kel īd/  کلید
 Door/darwāzah/دروازه  Boy/pesar/پِسر  Black/seyah/سیاه
 Clock/sā ‘t/ ساعت  Blue/ābee/آبی   Dog/sag/سگ
 He/ow/ او  She/ow/ او  It/ān/آن
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  1. tracy:

    Can you show me how to write “say not to war” in dari? I believe it to be a beautiful language and am trying to write my friend a card, but everything is all computerized i was wondering if you could make a video of it being written or something
    thank you