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Affirmative, negative, and interrogative simple sentences in Dari. Posted by on Mar 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

 Affirmative, negative, and interrogative simple sentences in Dari. The sentence structure in Dari is  subject-object-verb.





Hamed has a pen.


hāmed yak qalam dārad.


حامد یک قلم دارد                          


Hamed does not have a pen.


hāmed yak qalam nadārad.


حامد یک قلم ندارد                         


Does Hamed have a pen?


āyā hāmed yak qalam dārad?


آیا حامد یک قلم دارد؟                      


Hamed is a student.


hāmed yak shāgerd ast.


حامد یک شاگرد است                     


Hamed is not a student.


hāmed yak shāgerd naīst.


حامد یک شاگرد نیست                   


Is Hamed a student?


āyā hāmed yak shāgerd ast?


آیا حامد یک شاگرد است؟                  


Hamed is going.


hāmed mayrawad.


حامد میرود                                


Hamed is not going?


hāmed namay rawad.


حامد نمیرود                                


Is Hamed going?


āyā  hāmed mayrawad?


آیا حامد میرود؟                             


Hamed is present. 


hāmed hāẕer ast.


حامد حاضر است                          


Hamed is not present.


hāmed hāẕer naīst.


حامد حاضر نیست                        


Is Hamed present?


āya hāmed hāzer ast?


آیا حامد حاضر است؟                      


This is a book.


īn yak ketāb ast.


این یک کتاب است                       


This is not a book.


īn yak ketāb naīst.


این یک کتاب نیست                        


Is this a book?


āyā  īn yak ketāb ast?


آیا این یک کتاب است؟                     


That is a cat.


ān yak peshak ast.


آن یک پشک است                       


That is not a cat.


ān yak peshak naīst.


 آن یک پشک نیست؟                       


Is that a cat?


āyā  ān yak peshak ast?


آیا آن یک پشک است؟                     


Hamed is coming.


hāmed may āyad.


حامد می آید                                


Hamed is not coming.


hāmed na may āyad.


حامد نمی آید                              


Is Hamed coming?


āyā hāmed may āyad?


آیا حامد می آید؟                             

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  1. siti:

    very good learniing. suppose there are more vocabularys for daily conversation 🙁