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Dari Words for Free, English Words with Dari Origin Posted by on Jun 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

Dari Words for Free, English Words with Dari Origin  

The list of words, which I refer to as Dari words for free, contains the words that are very similar to their English equivalents or have Dari/Farsi origin. They are the words that you don’t need to work hard to memorize. These words are almost the same as their English equivalents; therefore they come for free without the price of learning and memorizing them.


It will require a longer discussion to discuss the origin of every word in this list, so we will only discuss two words from this list. For example, the word bazaar in English means a market place, and it comes from Dari/Farsi language. It is said that the word “bazaar” is originated from the Dari/Farsi words “Baha” which means price and “zaar” which means place so when put together it will be  “BahaZaar” meaning  a place of prices (بها زار ). Bazaar in Dari is now written as بازار and pronounced “baazaar”.


Another word that we will analyze as an example is “Khaki” which according to the dictionary means dull yellowish brown and is also type of pants. The word Khaki comes from the Dari word خاکی with the first “kh” pronounced from the epiglottis and comes from the word خاک  “Khak”  meaning soil, and by adding the letter ی  “I” at the end of the word, it becomes an adjective and means the  color of soil. Similarly the other words in this list can be traced back to a common origin, or to their Dari/Farsi origin. The following is a list of Dari words for free. Please watch the accompanying video for the correct pronunciation of these words in Dari.

Father                   Padar                پدر

Mother             maadar                 مادر

Brother             beraadar              برادر

Daughter          dokhtar                دختر

Bazaar                 baazaar              بازار

Boots                boot-ha                بوت ها

Caravan            karwaan               کاروان

Candy               qand                      قند

Jasmine            yaasaman            یاسمن

Kabob              kabaab                   کباب

Khaki                khaki                     خاکی

Lemon              lemo                      لیمو

Nay                  Nay                         نی

Orange           naarenj                 نارنج

Shawl               shaal                    شال

Star                  sitara                 ستاره

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About the Author: Sayed Naqibullah

Sayed Naqibullah speaks Pashto and Dari as his native languages. Since 2004 he has been teaching Dari and Pashto and working as cultrual advisor to NGO workers, foreigners who live, work, or are visiting Afghanistan. Sayed has worked as a linguist for several companies that produce language course-ware. He has worked as a guide, interpreter and translator of a number of NGOs working in Afghanistan. Sayed is also a blog writer on Afghan culture and languages. He is the author of a Dari language textbook called “Dari as a Second Language”.


  1. Dibyendu Sen Sharma:

    Liked your post, Sayed Sahib! I am an Indian – and we share a good lot in terms of linguistic similarity. I’ve got two questions, one arising from the displayed picture; and the other a curiosity I’ve nursed since long! (If I could get a reply on my e-mail, please). 1. In Hindi the word ‘Dari’ would mean a carpet. Could it be a derivative from the name of your language? Carpets from your place are so famous! 2. The place where I live is ‘Dariba’. It is rumoured that it is derived from Persian “Dar-i-bahaa” (if I am putting it correctly). Does it make sense? – ‘The place of splendour’ in Persian?

  2. shafi sediqi:

    صفحه تان بسیار یک صفحه لوده گی است

  3. Zahid:

    daily common words