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Islamic Religious Titles (Video) Posted by on Jan 14, 2014 in culture, language


Note-: QARI Abdul Nabil  (QARI is the titles).

Islam, a major religion with believers throughout the world, also uses special titles. Because these titles are generally in Arabic (or, sometimes, in Persian), most are not well-known in the English-speaking world. Here are a few that are either well-known or becoming more commonly used: Capitalize when used as a title before a name, but lowercase otherwise. Religious leaders have traditionally been people who, as part of the clerisy mosque or government, performed a prominent role within their community or nation. However, in the modern contexts of Muslims minorities in non-Muslim countries as well as secular Muslim states like Turkey, Indonesia and Bangladesh, religious leadership may take a variety of non-formal shapes.

AAKHUND (آخُند)                                                    Religious Tutor

AKHUNDZADA (آخُند زاده)                                      Low level Muslim cleric

EL-HAJJ OR HAJI (اَلحاج یا حاجې)                            one who has been a pilgrim

AYATOLLAH (آیتوالله)                                               Shiite term for senior clergyman

BEE – BE  HAJI (بې بې حاجې)                                 A female pilgrim of Macca (God house)

CHALEE (چلې)                                                       Usher, altar boy

EMAM    (اِمام)                                                        Head of a prayer in a mosque – could be Mullah

FATWA    (فِتواه)                                                       A religious verdict

HAFEZ (حافیظ)                                                         who memorized the Holy Quran

HAZRAT (حضرت)                                                   Descendants of the Caliphs

HUJJAT-UL-ISLAM (حُجتلااسلام)                          Reverence

JIHADI     (جهادی)                                                    Member of a Jihad party

KHALEEFA (خلیفه)                                                   Caliph

KHWAAJA (خواجه)                                                 Descendants of the Caliph

MALANG (ملنګ)                                                    Spiritualist, not formally trained – sometime supported by donation

MAWLANA (مولانا)                                                Senior Religious rank

MIR (میر)                                                                Descendants of the Prophet Mohammad

MOAZZEN (مواَذن)                                                  one who call people for daily prayers to a mosque

MUFTEE (مُوفتېِ)                                                     Great Reverence who can issue religious rulings.

MUJAHID (مُجاهد)                                                   Holy fighters

MUJAHIDIN (مُجاهیدِین)                                           Plural of Mujahid

MAULAWI (مولوی)                                                 Senior Religious rank

MULLAH (مُلا)                                                        Theologian

PACHAH (پاچا)                                                        Descendants of the Caliphs

PEER/PIR (پیر)                                                        title for elder, seer, Wiseman

QARI (قاری)                                                            the person who recites Holy Quran

SAYED (سید)                                                             Descendants of the prophet Mohammad

SAYEDA (سیده)                                                         A female descendent of the prophet Mohammad

SHAHEED/SHAHID (شهید)                                 Martyr (becomes part of the dead person`s name)

SUFI (صوفې)                                                            Mystic

TALIB (طالب)                                                           A religious student




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