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How the Dutch do Charity – Particularly once every Year Posted by on Jun 6, 2014

Giving money to charity is nice. We all know that. Many people donate some amount regularly to a certain cause, but no challenge or strings attached to that. The Dutch got an idea how to tie a challenge to it and actually get people involved. You might have heard of Alpe d’Huez, an infamous French skiing…

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Welkom (to me)! Posted by on Jun 5, 2014

Hello fellow readers and language learners! My name is Karoly and I am happy to be contributing to this blog! In case you are wondering from my name, I am not Dutch by birth, but I am by love. I recently moved to the Netherlands to live with Riccardo, the man I love, and Mona…

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Food With Alessia #2 – Pancakes! Posted by on Jun 3, 2014

Here it is: The second video of Food with Alessia! This week, we will have pannenkoeken (pancakes) with a variety of toppings! De Pannenkoek The pancake is originally from Asia, but came to Europe already in the 12th century. The original did not have any eggs, but boekweitmeel (buckwheat), some milk, water and butter. It…

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Time to Say Vaarwel Posted by on Jun 1, 2014

Well, dear blog readers, here we are… my last blog post for Transparent Language. My family and I are relocating to the United States and with the upcoming move and the uncertainty of the future, a further commitment to the blog just isn’t doable. Sharing this Dutch language journey with you here has been an…

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