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Bassie and Adriaan Posted by on Sep 30, 2014

There has been a recent YouTube interest in the Bassie and Adriaan show thanks to an American student singing their famous song. They began as a circus duo that later was able to film their own TV show. They were very popular in Belgium and the Netherlands and filmed all sorts of education shows. Through…

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Campaigns in NL 2 – Even Apeldoorn bellen! Posted by on Sep 28, 2014

Even Apeldoorn bellen! (just call Apeldoorn!) This slogan from the company Centraal Beheer Achmea spread through the Netherlands very quicklyafter its introduction in 1986. The campaign ads always had it in them. They were funny and memorable. One that I can remember very well was one where a family was on safari, and while they were…

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Food With Alessia 4 – Uitsmijter! Posted by on Sep 27, 2014

It is lunchtime! So Alessia and I decided to have an uitsmijter. It is a dish comparable to the German Strammer Max, but transformed with Dutch ingredients. There are many variations, but we chose to make it traditionally: with Dutch brood (bread), kaas (cheese), ham (ham), and spiegelei (fried egg). Sometimes ontbijtspek (bacon) is used…

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My Favorite Dutch Dessert: Apple Pie! Posted by on Sep 25, 2014

Last month, I wrote about my grandma’s delicious cookie recipe and my baking venture in the Netherlands. Since then, the video I included about baking an apple pie has consumed my dreams. My sweet tooth drove me to try it out, all in an effort to practice my Dutch listening skills, and I am proud…

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Food With Alessia – Kibbeling! Posted by on Sep 20, 2014

Alessia and I are back! In the beautiful city of Maastricht in the far south of the Netherlands, we had some Kibbeling! Kibbeling is a traditional dish that was for the poor back in the days – how far it reaches back is not easy to establish. In the 19th century, it must have existed already, though, because…

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Who Studies in the Netherlands? Posted by on Sep 18, 2014

When I was living in Texas, people wanted to study abroad in very particular places: Paris, London, Madrid, Barcelona, Rome or Berlin. My first encounter with the Netherlands was with my now-boyfriend Riccardo. His university, Maastricht University, had an exchange with mine, and he went for a semester to study. I must admit that I…

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Prinsjesdag 2014 – instability, but also hope Posted by on Sep 17, 2014

Yesterday, September 16, was Prinsjesdag (Prince’s Day)! It is held every year on the third Tuesday of September. This year is special, but only in the sense that the Koninkrijk exists for 200 years, and thus all traditions of this day were held for the 200th time. Koning Willem-Alexander read out the troonrede (throne speech…

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