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Dutch Place Names, the ‘Mini-Schengen’, and Travel in Europe Posted by on Dec 8, 2015

dijsselbloem mini schengen

This post will discuss some recent developments in Dutch and European politics that may soon change foreigners’ options for traveling in the Netherlands and Europe. This is a great chance to work on place names in Dutch, which can sometimes differ greatly from their English equivalents. Don’t worry — there’s a vocabulary list at the end!…

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How To Fight Climate Change – De Klimaatwet! Posted by on Dec 7, 2015

The planet is heating up and world leaders are discussing a treaty in Paris this week to do something about it. However, just a few days before the Conference of Parties in Paris started, two Dutch politicians wanted to send a signal, that they do not believe enough is done, and more should be done. What? Fractievoorzitters (party…

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How to Ride a Bike in the Netherlands Posted by on Dec 3, 2015

The Netherlands and the Dutch are usually tied to three very iconic images: tulips, windmills and bikes. These three icons are tightly woven to the image of the Netherlands and it isn’t a mere stereotype. Bikes are one of these three icons that stand out because it is something essential to Dutch life. A visitor…

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