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Big Surprises In The Dutch Provinciale Statenverkiezingen Posted by on Mar 25, 2019

Last Wednesday, thousands of stemgerechtigden (voters) flocked to the hundreds of stemlokalen (polling stations) all over the country to cast their stem (vote). Or, perhaps, the plural stemmen is more apt, as the Dutch actually had two verkiezingen (elections)! One vote for the waterschapsverkiezingen (water board elections) and the other for the Provinciale Statenverkiezingen (Provincial States elections). Today, the official results will…

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Curious Words in Dutch 3: IJsberen Posted by on Mar 18, 2019

There are many strange words in a language. Words that are just not used much, words that are pronounced in a weird way… Just words that have something curious about them! And those are the ones we look at in this series. Today, we look at ijsberen. Previous posts in this series: Curious Words In…

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Real Madrid vs. Ajax Amsterdam: 1-4 – how did they do it? Posted by on Mar 9, 2019

A voetbalwedstrijd (soccer match) unlike any wedstrijd ever before. It happened last Tuesday on March 5. Ajax, a strong club in the Netherlands, but not the most prestigious in international circles, beat the world-class team of Real Madrid. And not by a little bit: 1 to 4! Wat een Wedstrijd! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPCZqh51VHg In the Champions League, there is…

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What does Brexit mean for the Netherlands? Posted by on Mar 6, 2019

March is here and there is only one thing in the EU’s mind: Brexit! March 29th is the official day for the UK to leave the EU and everything in the news indicates that it will be a hard Brexit. The EU and the UK recently came up with an exit deal, but the British…

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