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Body Parts in Dutch Posted by on Jan 23, 2012 in Dutch Vocabulary

Recently I went to the city of Leiden to visit a museum that had been on my “to visit” list for quite some time.  The museum’s name is CORPUS and the tagline is “journey through the human body.”

At the museum you move through a large replica body learning how everything inside works via what you are seeing in front of you (imagine large teeth and a beating heart) and the audio guide you are given before the start of your tour (you can choose from Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish Italian, Russian or Chinese).

As you move throughout the museum in small groups, the majority of the information you experience is through the visual bits you are moving around and the information you are listening to but every so often there is a 3D film, comfy chairs or relevant smells (pleasant ones only!).  My favourite section was when we were in the nose.  The whole room smelt like roses growing outside in spring.

The whole tour through the body takes about 55 minutes, after which you make your way back down to reception via floors of interactive exhibits, activities and information.

Was it the best museum I had been to?  No.  Was it interesting?  Yes.

The tours run on a time-slot system so if you do book tickets online, you will have to specify a time in advance.  For further information visit: http://www.corpusexperience.nl/en/corpus-experience

Body Words in Dutch

  • de achterwerk/de billen/de kont (butt/behind)
  • de arm (arm)
  • de borst (breast/chest)
  • de buik (stomach)
  • de duim (thumb)
  • de hand (hand)
  • de kin (chin)
  • de lip (lip)
  • de middelvinger (middle finger)
  • de mond (mouth)
  • de nagel (nail)
  • de nek/de hals (neck)
  • de neus (nose)
  • de pink (pinkie)
  • de ringvinger (ring finger)
  • de rug (back)
  • de schouder (shoulder)
  • de teen (toe)
  • de tong  (tongue)
  • de vinger (finger)
  • de voet (foot)
  • de wang (cheek)
  • de wijsvinger (pointer finger)
  • de wimper (eyelash)
  • het been (leg)
  • het haar (hair)
  • het hoofd (head)
  • het knee (knee) de knie (knee) – thanks Hanneke for spotting the error
  • het lichaam (body)
  • het oog (eye)
  • het ooglid (eyelid)
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  1. Daan:

    “de achterwerk”???

    • heather:

      @Daan Haha, yep. I hadn’t heard it used before but after checking, I found it listed in several locations so decided to keep it in. 🙂

  2. hanneke:

    Mag ik even iets verbeteren? (can I correct something)

    het knee (knee) = de knie (knee)

    • heather:

      @hanneke Thanks Hanneke, I missed that when pulling the list over. I’ll try and let the list owner know as well.

  3. Iris:

    ‘Het achterwerk’ niet (not) ‘de achterwerk’

  4. Bob:


    I recently came across a dutch learning website teaching that the human ear was a “por”,which is push, shove nudge ect. I know it is “oor”, unless there are others, but it appears to be missing from your site. I have your language system and find it very useful.