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Cough! Cough! Time to go to the Huisarts Posted by on Aug 6, 2014 in Dutch Vocabulary

Every time I have moved, I have fallen into the traps of new germs and viruses, and after four months, the Dutch germs finally got to me! For the past eight days, I have been living a true Dutch common verkoudheid (cold), and it has not been fun at all.

I do not meant to separate this cold from any others I’ve had before. The symptoms are similar: koorts (fever), keelpijn (sore throat), hoofdpijn (headache), loopneus (runny nose), and the dreaded and hated hoest (cough). However, this cold is different because my body is interacting with new types of germs, and it doesn’t have the necessary antilichamen for these. I usually suffer a verkoudheid for four days, at least for the major symptoms, but this one is on its eighth and in full power. The hoest is what is really beating me down because I can hardly sleep.

Today I finally went to the doctor. I become a whiny and tearful baby when I am sleep deprived, and I finally decided I needed a push of professional help to recover. Luckily, the huisarts had open hours today so I was able to go in without an afspraak (appointment). The huisarts was a very nice man and first heard my symptomen. He then checked my temperatuur (temperature), longen (lungs) and keel. He concluded that I did in fact have a verkoudheid and prescribed geneesmiddel (medication) to help me recuperate. The apotheek or pharmacy was nearby so I picked up my prescription right away.

All that is left for me to do is continue to take care of myself and wait for my body to create enough antilichamen for the new germs in my life!


The following video is an interesting listening practice. As you listen, check what questions the huisarts makes, and the symptomen patients describe.


Useful words:

de huisarts– doctor

de verkoudheid– cold

de koorts– fever

de keelpijn– sore throat

de hoofdpijn– headache

de loopneus– runny nose

de hoest– cough

hoesten– to cough

het symptoom– symptom

de temperatuur- temperature

de longen– lungs

het geneesmiddel– medication

de apotheek– pharmacy

de antilichamen– antibodies/defenses against illness

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