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Folders, Folders Everywhere Posted by on Nov 27, 2011 in Culture, Dutch Language, Dutch Vocabulary

folder (de) – leaflet; brochure

If you are going to live in the Netherlands, then the word “folder” is one you are going to get to know well.  On an almost daily basis, these folders – advertising the current items on sale and the special offers being made – will shoot through your mailbox.  There are loads.  Everyone from the supermarket to the do-it-yourself shop has one.

Typically, although not always, you won’t find any coupons to cut out or bring along.  You just need to visit the shop on the advertised dates to take advantage of the special offer.  What type of words and phrases do you find in these advertisements?  Below is a selection of some of the more common ones but no doubt some of you can think of many more.

  • deze week – this week
  • vanaf – from (typically you will see something like “vanaf donderdag” – from Thursday), indicating you won’t be able to get the special price or sometimes even the item until that day
  • de (prijs) acties in deze folder zijn geldig van maandag t/m zondag of zolang de voorraad strekt – the price actions in this brochure are valid from Monday until Sunday (including) or for as long as they are in stock – be sure to look for this, usually at the bottom of the folder, and note that not all shops run their actions from Monday until Sunday
  • voordelig – beneficial/lucrative
  • per stuk – per piece/item
  • hoge kwaliteit – high quality
  • op is op – gone is gone/finished is finished/out is out
  • korting – discount
  • mega voordeel – mega discount
  • alle combinaties mogelijk – all combinations possible
  • 2e halve prijs – 2nd half price
  • gratis – free
  • nieuw – new
  • spaar voor gratis producten – save for free products
  • 2 voor €7 – 2 for €7
  • waardebon – gift certificate
  • nu of nooit – now or never
  • niet geldig – not valid
  • m.u.v. (met uitzondering van) – with exception of

Another way to view the actions and special offers that a shop has each week is to visit their website.  On the website you will typically find an online version of the printed folder that comes through the door.  Or, alternatively, you can head to www.folders.nl where you can view all the folders available via category, location and/or store name.

Keep your eye out for the folders that are delivered this week or if you don’t live in the Netherlands browse through folders.nl and see what discounts you see.  What’s the favourite deal that you see?


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