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Meneer Kaktus: Do you get it?? Posted by on Oct 13, 2011 in Culture

When I was younger, and my family moved from the Netherlands to the US, my Dutch grandmother often sent me VHS tapes of my favorite Dutch television shows so that I could watch them in New York.  Those of you who were children in the Netherlands between 1986 and 1993 will remember Meneer Kaktus, a kid’s show which is some strange crossbreed of sketch comedy, burlesque act, and talk show–marketed to seven-year-olds.

Until today, I had strong but unverified memories of the show.  Now that I’ve used YouTube to walk down a full 23 minutes of memory lane, I can verify those memories:  Meneer Kaktus was all about butt jokes, mooning the audience, and wearing makeup.

It may be fun for a new Dutch speaker or Dutch student to watch part or all of this episode…the characters speak really fast, and there are some obscure plot points and less-than-obscured butts (in case you are watching with children who are not Dutch and not accustomed to adult nudity in their regularly scheduled programming).




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  1. mike bendjy:

    Meneer Kaktus ik kreeg het .Wat leuk dank je wel

  2. Anne-Marije:

    Geweldig! Zovaak gekeken als kind, super dank je wel!

  3. Joop Mul:

    ‘t Jonge jonge wat ben ik oud!! When I was younger, my family moved from the Netherlands to Australia. T.V. had JUST arrived in both countries. I was 12. It was 1956.
    Familie Doorsnee and Klim in de mast, via the radio are memories of MY younger years. (LOL)